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The Ballads

Una compilation che raccoglie i pezzi più celebri della statunitense Mariah Carey dal 1990 al 2001.

Tracce CD
1. Hero
2. Vision of love
3. Without you
4. Always Be My Baby
5. My All
6. How Much (Feat. Usher)
7. Dreamlover
8. Thank God I Found You (Make It Last Remix) (feat. Nas & Joe)
9. The Roof
10. One Sweet Day (Mariah Carey & Boyz 2 Men)
11. Anytime You Need A Friend
12. I'll Be There
13. I still belive
14. Reflections
15. Open Arms
16. Against All Odds (Feat. Westlife)
17. Endless Love (With Luther Vandross)
18. All I Want For Christmas Is You

Album: The Ballads
Artista: Carey Mariah
Genere: Pop internazionale
EAN: 0886973924129

Mariah Carey - Anytime you need a friend

The Ballads - Carey Mariah

The Ballads
Mariah Carey


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